New and Improved

I know what you’re thinking. Where the hell have I been this whole time?!

Which is a fair question after all. When I first started Heaven Sigh I wanted to promote self love and highlight black beauty within the natural hair community. My big step toward that was through apparel, art and various forms of self expression. I was able to accomplish a lot within the first few years but as a young black woman, living in an expensive city with two jobs, life quickly took me under.

There was a lot of hurdles that came at me in a short time; team members changed, I moved a few times and the little time I did have between my jobs was dedicated to sleep and keeping myself at a healthy body weight.

Life is hard, but the most interesting part of all the hustle and bustle was how my mindset changed. I wanted to make a greater impact. I wanted more time to dedicate to the things I love and most importantly, I wanted a real purpose, something tangible and clear. I wasn’t sure how I could shift Heaven Sigh in that direction, I wasn’t confident to see if I was brave enough to be the captain of that ship.

So I took a year off. It wasn’t something planned, more like something I slipped into. During 2016 I found myself moving across the country, getting married, buying a home and breaking out into a new career field. It was a wonderful and bittersweet year. One that grabbed my hand and yanked me through life levels I never thought I’d see.

I made sure to use the time wisely though. I meditated a lot, asked for guidance through prayer and did a lot of self reflecting. Important questions I thought I would have figured out before I hit my late 20s. Questions like, “Who am I?” or “What do I want out of this life?” It was a lot of heavy stuff and I found myself gazing at a side of me that I’ve never met.

Which brings me to this new site. In my mental travels I finally found a way to uplift Heaven Sigh in the vision I always wanted it to be. Creating content for black women to enjoy thru our own unique lens and building a legacy that can help usher future generations to a brighter tomorrow.

Why just stop at natural hair apparel? Why not host events or sponsor interviews with black women killing the game? Why shy away from educating in all forms and exposing black people to the many wonderful sub cultures around them? My eyes are wide with ideas and things are finally in place for me to pursue them head on.

So without further a due, I would like to introduce you to the new and improved Heaven Sigh.

Here are a few things that you can look forward to with this new site:

*New blog
Blog posts will be updated weekly! Hit our subscribe button to get alerts.

*Hair challenges
It’s not always about length, but building a sisterhood of natural hair support is important. Find an accountability partner and lets take care of our hair together!

*Business features
Find yourself eager to support black businesses? We’re right there with you. Black business features will have a special tag on the blog to help keep you inform. Be mindful of where your dollar goes and buy black!

Now Heaven Sigh has vended in the past, and it was always an awesome experience. But in 2017 we’re going to take it a step further. We will be hosting and sponsoring various events aimed to educate and entertain. Please check out our event page to be in the know.

*Convention/Expo reviews
Curious about what an anime convention is? On the fence about attending a natural hair expo? Travel with us to see on the ground coverage of different types of cons and expos that pertain to the black community.

Heaven Sigh will be sponsoring several giveaways to keep you loaded with prizes and free stuff! We’ll be using platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter to run contests!

So you’re probably wondering how you can get in on all this goodness. The answer to that is very simple. You can go ahead and click the subscribe button to join our mailing list to be in the know at all times. The mailing list members have first access to all things Heaven Sigh and will be getting special deals and coupons for our apparel and events.

You can also follow us on social media. We got nifty buttons on the top of the page so check us out. Or if you have a business of your own and want to work with us, please head over to our Contact Page and let us know. We’re always interested in networking and expanding with other brands that support our cause.

I appreciate everyone who has toughed it out with us during our dry period. I’m ready and excited about making 2017 one for the books (in all the ways 2016 was not) and to grow and build like never before. I look forward to your continued support.

2017, let’s do this!

Toast to the new year
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