About Us

Heaven Sigh was created to cater to women with kinky afro hair that wanted something a little different from their natural hair apparel. Natural hair is an identity, a movement and very much a lifestyle for many women all over the globe. The rest of the world may not understand how cutting off a few straight hairs or learning a new technique for hair care is considered a personal and emotional journey, but black women know all too well about the painful and damaged relationship our culture, history, and self-esteem stem from having “good” or “bad” hair.

It is time we shake out the many misconceptions about black hair and redefine ourselves with healthy, self-loving cores that will promote black love and personal expression! I want Heaven Sigh to be just that. A heavenly sigh of contentment and acceptance for naturals who have been under represented by the media, society, and even in the interest circles they roam in.

Heaven Sigh highlights dark skinned women with the coarsest, thickest, and overall “nappy” hair and helps all women of color challenge society, peers, and even themselves to recognize and honor the beauty that has always been there. We offer natural hair apparel that highlights black women in a new creative light. We believe that fair, equal, and expressive representation for natural hair black women is a positive step in the right direction toward equality as a whole.

Thank you for visiting and God bless!

Porsche Thompson

Founder of Heavensigh