Wild Growth Hair Oil Challenge!

It’s that time again, the first of the year hair challenge!

We at Heaven Sigh believe in healthy hair. Healthy hair grows, it bounces and it shines. If taken care of properly natural hair will frame and bring out your inner beauty.

So here is my regimen for this 3 month hair challenge:

I’ll be using Wild Growth Hair Oil as my growth aid

Wild Growth Oil

*Use growth oil every night

-Will massage into hair and do the inversion method

*Hair will be moisturize everyday with water, aloe vera juice (spray bottle)

*Hair will be washed and deep conditioned every two weeks

*Will do rice water rinse with each wash day

Challenge will last for three months

First protective style up to bat is feed in cornrows

Protective styles will be in no longer than a month

Here are my starting pics and measurements

Front: 7 1/2 inches 

Right Side: 5 inches

Left Side: 4 1/2 inches

Top: 5 inches

Back: 4 1/2

I will be using the #hswildgrowthchallenge

If you want to join in on the challenge, go ahead and post your starting measurements, your protective style of choice and your before pictures. For any update on your progress and regime, use the hashtag and posts pictures so people can follow your progress.

We will be posting updates after each month. 

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